Hassle-free digital loyalty for everyone

Like paper stamp cards, but always on your customers phone, with extra marketing goodies baked in.

Your problems, today

You're handing out loyalty cards; they get lost, put through the wash, or end up sitting at the bottom of a backpack. They're expensive to print, and don't provide the top-of-mind awareness you wanted them to.

Then your reward scheme changes, and you've got to print entirely new cards. Painful.

Your customer's problems, today

Wrangling with a card for each store isn't fun, and then there's the sourness that comes from forgetting a card in another coat pocket. When it's inevitably put through the wash, the rewards get destroyed too.

How does it work?

It's like paper — but digital. Create your pass with our interactive designer, distribute your pass in store, over social media, or email. There are no apps for you or your customers; passes are saved to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Location notification, focused pass, alongside other cards



per active monthly patron

Create your pass

What's the deal?

  1. Unlimited passes. Growing faster than expected? No worries, we won't slow you down.
  2. Pass designer. Create a pass that is uniquely yours.
  3. Multi-channel distribution. In store, QR codes, social media, emails, WhatsApp. Meet your customers where they are.
  4. Location notifications. Alert customers when they're close to one of your properties
  5. Your reward scheme. Your business, your rules. We don't force any particular scheme on you or your customers.

Loyalty in the world

Starbucks, the poster child for loyalty schemes, see 57% of their US revenue come from members. 1

Online storefront powerhouse Shopify cite that "66% of customers say the ability to earn rewards actually changes their spending behavior"2



Expect product updates, and questions on how we can serve you better.